Athletics Spotlight

Fall 2023 Athletic Season Overview

November 17, 2023

In the thrilling rush of the fall season, our students showcased incredible dedication and skill across various competitive and recreational activities. From adrenaline-pumping football showdowns to serene rowing races to a captivating theater performance, our athletes and participants lit every corner of our school community with their energy and passion.

Our Football, Volleyball, Soccer, Cross Country, and Crew teams epitomized unwavering commitment and exceptional talent. These athletes displayed resilience, powering through rigorous practices and overcoming obstacles, including injuries. Notably, our Crew team ventured into four regattas across New England, emphasizing their dedication and teamwork in navigating challenging competitions. There were many achievements worth celebrating, including our Football team’s triumphant victory against Harvey during Fall Family Weekend, our Cross Country team’s remarkable finishes at both the league invitational and championships, our Volleyball team’s success in the HVAL tournament, and our Girls’ Soccer team’s invitation to the NEPSAC Champions Tournament.

As the season drew to a close, all teams were recognized in the All-League and All-New England categories, honoring their outstanding performances.

Movement and Meditation group

Simultaneously, our recreational programs thrived with amazing activity. The Robotics team crafted their creations for an upcoming competition, while the Theater cast captivated audiences with the fall play Let’s Murder Marsha. Additionally, the Culinary team showcased their expertise with delectable offerings.

While some focused on mindfulness and wellness in the Movement and Meditation group, others in the Outdoor Adventure team tackled nature’s challenges, honing teamwork and strength. The Boatbuilding group’s dedication shined through their meticulously crafted boats, and the Yearbook team diligently captured moments to make this year's yearbook unforgettable.

Each team (both competitive and recreational) collaborated with Dr. Ostaszewski, the Strength and Conditioning Coach, emphasizing the importance of strength and agility training, alongside understanding the benefits of proper hydration and nutrition.

We deem the fall season a success.

Content submitted by John Strawson, Director of Athletics 

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