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Arts Department Highlights from the First Term

November 20, 2023

Students expressed their creativity across our many arts offerings, from music and theater to metalsmithing and painting. Our Arts Teachers shared insights and highlights from the first term of the 2023-2024 school year. 

Advertising: Vincent Agazzi-Morrone, Visual Arts Teacher

In the Advertising class, students worked together as a group to create a commercial for a spinning chair. They learned all the phases of commercial making, from scriptwriting to filming and editing. The advertisement was inspired by the one and only Ferris Bueller movie! The premiere date of the commercial is very soon! Stay tuned!

Darkroom Photography: Vincent Agazzi-Morrone, Visual Arts Teacher

In Darkroom Photography class, students learned how to use manual 35mm film cameras. After understanding how to frame and compose a shot and get the correct exposure, students then learned how to develop their film in chemistry and enlarge it in the darkroom.

Digital Art & Design: Erin Gleason, Arts Department Chair 

From movie designing business graphics to movie posters, we concentrated on the fundamentals of design and how we can draw an audience into the work quickly. Students worked on projects in groups and individually.

Digital Photography: Erin Gleason, Arts Department Chair, and Vincent Agazzi-Morrone, Visual Arts Teacher

Students focused on how to use the camera to capture the style of images they wanted. They learned how light affects the image and how to use the settings on the camera to change what and how they want the audience to see their photographs. 

Drawing and Painting: Diantha Giltz, Arts Teacher

In Drawing in Painting, we focused on building up our observational skills in drawing and explored color theory with paint to create a wide array of beautiful art. Students finished off strong by making a self-guided project to conclude the trimester with an amazing assortment of work showcasing each person's unique approach.

Ceramics: Megan Cooper, Arts and History and Social Sciences Teacher, and Jeoffrey Langill, Director of the Promethean Program

Ceramics students have been honing their hand-building and wheel-throwing skills this term, focusing on improving skills from the foundations of the basics. Pinch pots growing to large coil pots and cylinders on the wheel have been the name of the game!  

We finished the term with time spent glazing and experimenting with surface design. 

Culinary: Kellen Corrigan, Culinary Arts Teacher and Bistro Chef

To wrap up the term, students worked on their final projects in Intro to Culinary. Each student worked on a dish they wanted to learn how to make and added their own spin to it.

Metalsmithing Class with Arts Teacher Diantha Giltz

Metalsmithing: Diantha Giltz, Arts Teacher 

In Metalsmithing, we built a strong foundation of metalworking skills, which pushed each person to advance their own abilities in the metals space. Students developed their own ideas from the planning stages to refined finished pieces.  From fidget jewelry to custom coins, creativity fused with newfound skills.

Multiple Mediums: Erin Gleason, Arts Department Chair

Exploration of materials was the theme of the term. Students got to select from a variety of mediums to build their projects, such as collage, pencils, watercolor and acrylic paint, digital art, photography, and more. 

Music: Jerrod Cattey, Arts Teacher

Music students participated in three performances this term. The first event, Grandparents’ and Special Friends’ Day, was only two weeks into the school year, and they totally crushed it. That concert featured solo, duo, and full ensemble performances.

The Ensemble students also had a great set during Fall Family Weekend that featured solos on Jazz standards like Cantaloupe Island and Blue Bossa. We managed to fit in an Open Mic night before the end of the term, which was a real success and a lot of fun for everyone in attendance.

Theater: Tammy Grella, Arts Teacher

In Acting 1 and the Art of Conversation classes, students built skills in the basics of stage acting and public speaking. They worked on projects individually and in groups. One of the groups from the Acting 1 class performed a scene from the TV sitcom "Family Guy.”

Visual Arts Portfolio: Erin Gleason, Arts Department Chair

In our portfolio class, students worked on personal projects that ranged from paintings to short films. Several students have submitted portfolios as part of their college applications. This group will continue in the class for the entire year with a student-curated group show in the spring.

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