The Arts at Forman

A vivid playground for young creatives. 

Neurodivergent brains can be highly creative: expansive and experimental in their thinking. Forman’s Visual and Performing Arts Program cultivates artistry, with qualified faculty, cutting-edge facilities, and year-round opportunities to exhibit and perform.

Performing Arts

In a vast, glassy arts building, young thespians, dancers, and musicians sharpen their craft under seasoned professionals. We offer weekly classes in everything from improv to music theory, as well as private lessons, ensembles, showcase productions, and off-campus performances.


Discover a world of musical possibilities. We offer weekly classes in instrumental and vocal music, theory, and composition.


Set your body in motion. Forman’s dance offering runs six days a week—during the sports block on school days. In a mirrored studio, dancers sharpen techniques and learn modern and contemporary choreography.

Theatre rehearsal at Forman School.

Build confidence and amplify your unique voice. We run six theater classes, alongside three full-scale co-curricular productions—a comedy, a drama, and a musical—with auditions open to all students. For the productions, rehearsals are held during sports block, with major performances staged in the Jake Cloobeck ’16 Theater. 

Visual Arts

In our Visual Arts Program, conceptual exploration and technical skills collide. Students access dozens of courses at beginner and advanced levels—photography, videography, painting, jewelry-making, ceramics, pottery, and more—all taught in fully-equipped studios.

Working in the ceramics studio at Forman
Studio arts

From printmaking—learning how to create linocut, woodcut, and monoprints—to foundational, hands-on subjects in architecture, metalsmithing, and ceramics, our studio arts offerings fuse practical skills with perspective-shifting discourse.

Culinary arts 

These classes connect the dots between history, agriculture, and modern-food industries. You’ll learn practical cooking skills too—from making ferments like sauerkraut and kimchi to taking care of a sourdough starter, curing and braising meats, and producing your own cheeses. 

Painting and drawing 

Beginner and advanced classes designed to enrich students’ thinking and technical abilities. Make and stretch your own canvases, fabricate mixed-media works, compose a competitive college application portfolio, or produce graphic posters with programs like InDesign.

Breathtaking, professional-grade facilities.

Our 22,000-square-foot Visual and Performing Arts Center is an incubator for creativity and a site of inspiration: soaring ceilings, cedar seating, and expanses of glass that bring the outdoors in. Exhibition and performance spaces appear fluidly throughout.

Students in the Jake Cloobeck ’16 Theater

A 300-seat theater, complete with a control room, a scene shop, dressing rooms, a loading dock, and a costume room.

The ceramics studio at Forman School

A spacious ceramics studio with electric potters’ wheels and raku and electric kilns, alongside indoor and outdoor throwing spaces. 

A dance studio, with wall-to-wall mirrors and a premium sound system.