Forman Spotlight

DeafBlind Support and Access Network Members Visit American Sign Language Classes

April 11, 2024

Members of the DeafBlind Support and Access Network, Kim Powers and Jesse Stanley, visited with American Sign Language (ASL) classes on Wednesday, April 10th. 

“Their goal is to empower and support other DeafBlind people, using ProTactile as their primary language,” Cecelia Cannavo, American Sign Language Teacher, says. ProTactile involves using touch, rather than sight or speech, to communicate. 

During the visit, ASL students were guided around the Williams Academic Building as they wore glasses and eye masks, giving them a small insight into what it feels like to be DeafBlind. 

“Students took a culture plunge and learned, through some first-hand experience, what it means to be a part of the DeafBlind Community," Cannavo says.

Powers and Stanley brought assistive technologies, including the Meteor Watch and walking canes. They also introduced students to tactile games.

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