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2024 Winterim: Experiential Education Experiences Abroad, Stateside, and Locally

March 28, 2024

During the last week of February and the first week of March, students discovered and developed their interests and passions as part of Winterim. This program presented students with diverse experiences, whether they traveled to a destination or stayed local to Forman’s campus. 

Winterim is the centerpiece of Forman School’s commitment to experiential education. It explores subjects and ideas not taught in a traditional classroom setting, allowing for the examination of important issues and the pursuit of new endeavors. Because students with different learning styles tend to excel as innovators, entrepreneurs, creators, and leaders, Winterim is designed to give students an opportunity to apply skills that lay a foundation for their talents. 

Scotland: Landscape and Culture

Students who ventured off campus for Winterim followed the path of Julie Forman's footsteps, visited art museums, took part in cooking classes, learned about cultural traditions in other countries, conducted scientific research, observed real-world analytics at baseball games, and more. The off-campus programs included: 

  • Cambodia & Vietnam: Forman Footsteps in Time

  • Europe: Traveling the Path of World War II

  • France: Finding Your Muse

  • Iceland: Forman Makes a Documentary

  • New Zealand: Not All Who Wander Are Lost - A Fantasy and Film Experience

  • Peru + Ecuador: the History of the Incan Empire and Biodiversity of the Amazon

  • Scotland: Landscape and Culture

  • Sports Analytics: Spring Training Baseball in Florida 

  • The Forman Rainforest Project: Costa Rica

  • Yellowstone Winter Ecology

Capturing the World: Photographing the World We Live In

Students who participated in on-campus programs were also immersed in exciting opportunities. They learned new art forms, met with local businesses, explored popular local sites, toured colleges, tapped into their photography and poetry skills, improved their health, and dove into the realm of video games. The on-campus Winterims included: 

  • Art Galore

  • Capturing the World: Photographing the World We Live In

  • College Tours of the Northeast

  • Day Tripping: Cultural Explorations of Connecticut and the Northeast

  • Forged in Forman

  • Holistic Fitness: Mind, Body, & Soul

  • Investing with Your Conscience

  • Passionate Poets

  • The Art of Video Games

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